An Equipment Buying Guide for New Photographers


Photography is a great activity to participate in, whether as a hobby or professionally. A photographer is able to take a moment in time and capture that moment so that it lasts forever. As a novice photographer, you do not need to purchase the most high-end equipment to create excellent pictures. You can learn and take pictures on the most basic gear, progressing your skills as time goes by.


The first item that you will want to buy is a DSLR camera. There are many camera brands to choose from, with Canon and Nikon being the two brands that many beginners favor. However, the brand of camera that you purchase is not very important. What matters is how you feel about the camera, its usability, and its features. You will want to choose a brand that you can easily find additional gear for and tutorials on.

Camera Lens

Though a camera is important, due to the fact that it is the body of which you will place your lens on, the lens is one of a photographer’s most important pieces of equipment. Top photographers often have one or two camera bodies with a large collection of lenses that are catered to the objects that they choose to photograph. A camera lens is the eye of the camera and will largely be what determines the quality of your pictures, the camera body just records what the lens sees.

Camera Bag

As you progress in your photography journey you will begin to acquire more and more gear. Now that you’ve invested in this expensive piece of technology, you need to remember to care for it. You’ll want to invest in lens cleaning agents as well as a reliable camera bag to transport your gear. A good camera bag will protect your gear and keep it organized for when you need to use it all. There are a variety of bags that a photographer can buy, each with different styles that are suited for a variety of environments. Prior to selecting a camera bag, you should first determine what type of photography you would like to do most and the environments that you gear will be subject to. Knowing this will help you select a bag that aids you when shooting rather than hindering you.


These are the most basic pieces of equipment that you should have when you begin your photography journey. As your skills progress you may consider investing in better gear so that taking pictures is easier, but you should never develop the feeling that more-expensive gear will improve your photography skills. With the gear presented in this list you will be well on your way to becoming a great photographer.


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