Most Common Issues Photographers See In Their Subjects

Whether you want new headshots for your business, or you are looking to have family photos done, there’s a number of issues that can arise when you sit down in front of the camera. From poorly chosen outfits to small cosmetic issues, how you look in your images can be improved when you make a few minor changes to your appearance.

The Clothing is Distracting

Some individuals want to show that they are playful or creative and choose outfits that reflect a unique style. While this can work in some instances, overly loud patterns and colors can distract from the overall image trying to be created. Pay attention to the clothing you are going to wear. Use neutral tones that highlight your features.

Try Not to Match Too Closely

Another way families arrive for a photo shoot is with outfits that match exactly. While coordinating colors is an overall good idea, every person in the photo wearing the same thing is going to make for a very boring image. Think in colors, not exact matches and bring a few different tops to try on if you aren’t sure.

Be Mindful of Small Cosmetic Issues

If you wear glasses, make sure that they are clean and don’t have any glaring defects. When you have facial concerns such as gapped teeth or acne, talk with your photographer before the images are taken. When you let your photographer know about your concerns, it is easier to pose you and your family for portraits. If you are creating professional headshots that you want to use for a while, take the time you have before the shoot to clear up cosmetic issues. Be consistent with skin care such as acne treatments and dental care such as aligners to correct teeth.

Don’t Force Your Smiles

Forcing your smile only makes you look wooden and unrealistic. Try to relax when getting your pictures taken. If you are going for a family portrait, allow the photographer to get your child to smile. There are many times photographers will catch a great picture of the children, only to have the parents not looking at the camera because they are trying to get their child to laugh.

As you get ready to get your pictures taken by a professional photographer, groom your hair as you would usually, get your nails done if you often do, and be prepared with any hair products or makeup you might want to touch up before pictures start. When you prepare yourself and your family for new pictures, you will be happy with the results.

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