4 Things That All Beginning Photographers Need to Know

Photography is a great hobby to have as you can enjoy it almost anywhere. There are some people who take general pictures while others love to specialize in taking photos in one subject area, like food, people or landscapes. If you are thinking about taking up photography, then here are some tips to consider.

Select Your Equipment

Most cameras sold today are digital ones that store your photos on a memory card. You can print digital photos out at many retailers or print them using your computer at home. Each year, many people discover that they enjoy using a vintage 35 millimeter camera. If you choose this analog option, then you can develop your own photos in a darkroom in your home. Still, others are discovering that they prefer Instamatic cameras that develop prints in minutes.

Get the Right Lenses

While some cameras come with an attached lens that cannot be changed, other options use interchangeable lenses. These lenses come in a variety of focal lengths. Prime lenses only have one focal length while zoom lenses allow you to choose the focal length within a wide perimeter. For most purposes, a 28-70 millimeter lens is a good option for most purposes. PictureCorrect explains, “You get several focal lengths in the same lens and therefore you can get away with fewer lenses to meet your needs.”

Take the Best Photos

Photos can generally be divided into three parts. The foreground is the part closest to you, the mid-ground is usually where the subject of the photo is located and the background is the upper part of the photo. Generally, if you think of your viewfinder as a tic-tac-toe game, placing the subject where two of the lines intersect will capture a more aesthetically pleasing photo. Digital Photography School explains, “The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally.” Most professional photographers take 12 shots for every image that they consider worth keeping, so do not hesitate to take lots of photos. Generally, getting closer to your subject gives you a better photo, so move your feet before your zoom.

Showcase Your Photos

You will want to put many of your photos on your walls to showcase to your prospective clients. You can get photos printed on wood, metal, or paper. If you are going to frame a paper photograph, then choose a mat that coordinates with the overall colors in the photo. A lighter colored frame gives a casual flair while a black frame will provide a more formal appearance. If you have photos that you are not ready to display, then store those photographs in a climate controlled environment. 5 Star Storage explains, “A climate controlled [environment] typically keeps humidity levels around a safe 55 percent. High humidity is particularly dangerous to a variety of items, and can cause old-style photos to stick together, leather goods to crack, and warping on real wood furniture.”

Photography is a wonderful hobby that most people can enjoy. Follow these tips to get started exploring this hobby today.

AMP Studios is a Washington-based studio, involved in photography entrepreneurship for almost 5 years. We endeavor to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to our clients, and are working to expand nationally.

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