6 Things Clients Want to Know Before Hiring a Photographer

As a photographer, it’s important to know how to attract more clients and land as many jobs as possible to ensure that you can continue to succeed in the industry. Knowing what your clients are looking for in a professional photographer can make it easier to sell yourself and offer peace of mind before they decide to book you. If you’re ready to attract more clients, here is what they’re looking for when you meet or talk for the first time.

Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of your business as a photographer and may influence how many clients decide to book you for their wedding, family photos, or a special occasion. Your portfolio should include your best work to ensure that you sell yourself and prove what you’re capable of when spending time behind the camera. Display your portfolio in an organized fashion and keep it simple to prevent it from looking cluttered. If you have a website for your business you can make a section for displaying your portfolio and photos in order to show off your work and its quality.

The Cost

Clients may fall in love with you or are referred by another person, but whether they use your services or not might ultimately depend on your prices. You’ll need to set a price point that is fair and is influenced by your experience and the type of equipment that you use. Consider lowering your rates during slower months of the year, which is often during the fall and winter season depending on where you live. You can also offer discounts or specials to attract more business and gain clients who are loyal and return for your services in the future.

Online Reviews

As a photographer, the reviews that you have online will influence how many people decide to hire you to take pictures. The importance of reviews can’t be overstated because it will determine your reputation in the industry, making it necessary to follow through on the work that you perform and go the extra mile. Make each client a priority, and value their business whether the job is large or small. You’ll want to ask your satisfied clients for a review, and you can even offer a discount for people who agree to rate your services online.

Your Experience

Having several years of experience in the industry is necessary to prove that you’re capable of working as their photographer and ready for the job. With enough experience, your clients will have more confidence in your skills and will trust you to take high-quality photos that they’re satisfied with. Don’t be afraid to write down your qualifications on your website or discuss the type of events or shoots you’ve previously worked on to show you’re qualified.

Your Professionalism

One of the main factors that clients look for in a photographer is professionalism. You may have upscale photos that are stunning, but if you lack professionalism, then you may not be invited back for another photoshoot or wedding. You’ll need to dress professionally when you arrive, preferably in casual business attire that still offers plenty of movement as you work. Acting professionally is also necessary to ensure that you can present yourself well at the client’s event and blend in with the crowd. Professionalism also includes remaining punctual to ensure that you respect your client’s time and prove yourself to be reliable.

Your Level of Confidence

Your confidence will allow the clients to trust you and will cause them to believe that you know what you’re doing when you take photos. Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran, you’ll need to practice confidence with how you present yourself, which will allow you to appear reputable. If you feel insecure or unsure of the quality of your work, it will cause your clients to have a lack of trust in your services. Don’t be afraid to talk about your qualifications, show off your previous work, and make guarantees with the client’s requests to ensure that they’re satisfied and ask for your services again.

Knowing what clients want from a photographer will allow you to have more influence when you’re meeting them in person or talking over the phone. Being prepared and remaining confident in yourself can go a long way when it comes to showing a client that you can deliver the results that they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a photographer, whether it’s for a product, real estate, fashion, headshots, or anything else, see how we can help you!

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