DIY Your Own Light Box in 3 Steps

Photography can be an expensive hobby if you try to keep up with all the latest gear. Cameras range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, but there is good news. You can make some of your accessories at home for next to nothing! It’s never been easier to become a photographer. Light boxes are awesome for taking professional-looking product photographs. Below you will learn how to make your own light box with things you probably already have around the house.

Choose Your Box

Choose a box based on the size of the object you want to take pictures of. For example, you may be able to use a shoe box if you’re taking pictures of something very small. Larger objects will need a proportionally larger box, potentially going as big as a moving box. You can also use a box like one that a washer or dryer comes in for bigger objects. If you don’t have a spare box in the right size, don’t worry. Boxes are also available for purchase at many different retailers.

In addition to a box, you will need some white poster board, white fabric, scissors and clear tape. You’ll also need a lamp to use a light source, but they are not a part of the box itself.

Begin Construction

Cut a hole on each side of the box for the lamps to shine through. Your white fabric will be stretched out and taped over the holes. An alternative for fabric is wax paper.

Now comes the poster board that you’ll use as the backdrop inside the light box. Use a strip of clear tape and tape the poster board to the back of the box on the inside, securing it at the top and letting it slope down to create a seamless background for your subjects. Now, all that is left to do is to place lamps, pointing inward, on each side of the box. The light will shine through the fabric or wax paper, giving a bright, white appearance with minimal shadows.

Begin Snapping Pictures

Any object that is small enough to fit inside of your box can now be photographed professionally. These types of boxes are perfect for taking pictures of products you are selling. You will be left with flawless, professional photographs.

Once you’ve made your first light box, it’ll be easy for you to create another. You may even find that you require various light boxes in different sizes. It all depends on the size of the subjects you’ll be photographing.

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