Moving? Tips for Packing Your Camera Equipment Safely

Cameras are as delicate as any other electronic and susceptible to damage when packing and moving. They can also be impacted by dust and grit if you need to store them for a time. To keep your camera equipment in good shape during your move, you’ll need to protect it from shocks, theft, and dust.

When in Doubt, Use More Bubble Wrap

Protecting your camera gear and all of your electronics is crucial during a move. Even if it has a protective case, this delicate equipment will probably benefit from another layer of protection against jarring. According to On the Move, electronics are among the most likely items to be damaged during a move. If your camera equipment has a padded case, find a box that allows some space and wrap the case in bubble wrap before placing it in the box. Bouncing around can damage electronic connections.

Label the Box As “FRAGILE!!”

Try to be a little sneaky in your labeling process. Don’t use the word “office” on anything. Instead, you should mark the box as FRAGILE and include phrases such as THIS SIDE UP with an arrow, DO NOT STACK or DO NOT CRUSH. Be sure to add THIS SIDE UP to all four sides of the box and write DO NOT STACK and DO NOT CRUSH on all six sides of the box. You might go so far as to label the box CRYSTAL GLASSES. Thieves can easily turn your electronics into ready cash. Crystal glasses can be lovely but are generally harder to pawn.

Protect Against Static

If you have a case for your camera gear, it’s probably already lined with ESD (electrostatic discharge) resistant padding. To further protect your gear, DesignSpark suggests investing in ESD protective bubble wrap for all the boxes containing your camera gear and other electronics. In addition to ESD protective packing materials, don’t forget to add desiccant packets to your boxes before sealing them. If your stored electronics will be undergoing any extremes in temperature during their time in the moving truck, moisture can build up. Lining packing containers with desiccant products can keep your electronics in good shape and ready to power up when you arrive at your destination.

Depending on your moving schedule, consider carrying these fragile items with you. If you’re taking your own vehicle to your new location, pack a simple bag with a change of clothes and make space in your car for your camera gear to guarantee it gets to your new space in working order.

If you don’t want to worry about having your own precious camera gear to carry around, have us worry about taking pictures for you instead. Contact us to book a photo session!

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