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Most Common Issues Photographers See In Their Subjects

Whether you want new headshots for your business, or you are looking to have family photos done, there’s a number of issues that can arise when you sit down in front of the camera. From poorly chosen outfits to small cosmetic issues, how you look in your images can be improved when you make a few minor changes to your appearance.

The Clothing is Distracting

Some individuals want to show that they are playful or creative and choose outfits that reflect a unique style. While this can work in some instances, overly loud patterns and colors can distract from the overall image trying to be created. Pay attention to the clothing you are going to wear. Use neutral tones that highlight your features.

Try Not to Match Too Closely

Another way families arrive for a photo shoot is with outfits that match exactly. While coordinating colors is an overall good idea, every person in the photo wearing the same thing is going to make for a very boring image. Think in colors, not exact matches and bring a few different tops to try on if you aren’t sure.

Be Mindful of Small Cosmetic Issues

If you wear glasses, make sure that they are clean and don’t have any glaring defects. When you have facial concerns such as gapped teeth or acne, talk with your photographer before the images are taken. When you let your photographer know about your concerns, it is easier to pose you and your family for portraits. If you are creating professional headshots that you want to use for a while, take the time you have before the shoot to clear up cosmetic issues. Be consistent with skin care such as acne treatments and dental care such as aligners to correct teeth.

Don’t Force Your Smiles

Forcing your smile only makes you look wooden and unrealistic. Try to relax when getting your pictures taken. If you are going for a family portrait, allow the photographer to get your child to smile. There are many times photographers will catch a great picture of the children, only to have the parents not looking at the camera because they are trying to get their child to laugh.

As you get ready to get your pictures taken by a professional photographer, groom your hair as you would usually, get your nails done if you often do, and be prepared with any hair products or makeup you might want to touch up before pictures start. When you prepare yourself and your family for new pictures, you will be happy with the results.

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An Equipment Buying Guide for New Photographers


Photography is a great activity to participate in, whether as a hobby or professionally. A photographer is able to take a moment in time and capture that moment so that it lasts forever. As a novice photographer, you do not need to purchase the most high-end equipment to create excellent pictures. You can learn and take pictures on the most basic gear, progressing your skills as time goes by.


The first item that you will want to buy is a DSLR camera. There are many camera brands to choose from, with Canon and Nikon being the two brands that many beginners favor. However, the brand of camera that you purchase is not very important. What matters is how you feel about the camera, its usability, and its features. You will want to choose a brand that you can easily find additional gear for and tutorials on.

Camera Lens

Though a camera is important, due to the fact that it is the body of which you will place your lens on, the lens is one of a photographer’s most important pieces of equipment. Top photographers often have one or two camera bodies with a large collection of lenses that are catered to the objects that they choose to photograph. A camera lens is the eye of the camera and will largely be what determines the quality of your pictures, the camera body just records what the lens sees.

Camera Bag

As you progress in your photography journey you will begin to acquire more and more gear. Now that you’ve invested in this expensive piece of technology, you need to remember to care for it. You’ll want to invest in lens cleaning agents as well as a reliable camera bag to transport your gear. A good camera bag will protect your gear and keep it organized for when you need to use it all. There are a variety of bags that a photographer can buy, each with different styles that are suited for a variety of environments. Prior to selecting a camera bag, you should first determine what type of photography you would like to do most and the environments that you gear will be subject to. Knowing this will help you select a bag that aids you when shooting rather than hindering you.


These are the most basic pieces of equipment that you should have when you begin your photography journey. As your skills progress you may consider investing in better gear so that taking pictures is easier, but you should never develop the feeling that more-expensive gear will improve your photography skills. With the gear presented in this list you will be well on your way to becoming a great photographer.


Ideal Cameras for the Beginner Photographer

Photography is an exciting activity to get into. However, there are so many cameras on the market that it can be very intimidating to a beginner. Here are some professional cameras that would be great for a beginner to start with:

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 20.0-Megapixel Digital Camera is a great point-and-shoot for beginning photographers who are on a budget. At about $149.99, the phone comes with a battery pack, a battery charger, a wrist strap and an owner’s manual. The camera has 20 megapixels, is Wi-Fi Enabled, has a video resolution of 1920 by 1080 and is NFC enabled. It used a rechargeable battery, and requires a memory card.

For those adventurers who want to get their cameras wet, there is the Olympus Tough TG-5 12.0-Megapixel Water-Resistant Digital Camera. For $379.99, you can take this camera underwater without it getting damaged. On the Best Buy website, it has a general rating of about 4.5. People who bought the camera say that it really is water-resistant, and that it is easy to use. It is great for those who want to start off their photography hobby and/or career with amazing underwater pictures.

Some people love to watch their photos come out of the camera and develop right in front of them. There are plenty of traditional film cameras that are currently on the market. The Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Analog Instant Film Camera is one of these cameras. Made by the company that used to sell the well known “Polaroid” camera, it has a lens focal length of 106 cm, a vacuum discharge strobe light (for lighting conditions), a self timer function, a rechargeable battery that stays charged for 60 days and the ability to instantly produce finished photos. A USB charger comes with the camera. The con of Polaroid cameras is the fact that the film is relatively expensive.

The iPhone is really one of the most obvious options when it comes to a beginner’s camera. A lot of people already have newer iPhones. For those people who already have one, they can start using the camera option for their photographic endeavors. And if you are in the market for a cell phone, as well as a camera, and if it is within your budget, you should get one a newer iPhone is you do not have enough funds for a full blown professional camera. Additionally, the budding photographer would be interested to know how he or she could save battery power. This is very important, considering the fact that smartphones are used for other very important purposes, such as making phone calls, checking your email, etc. You do not want to use up all of the battery power on taking pictures. Some tips to help your iPhone’s battery go for longer include replacing your battery avoiding hot temperatures reducing the backlight when not needed and using low-power mode.

At the end of the day, do what is best for you perceived skill level and budget. The most important thing is that you’ll be out there taking photos of your family and friends. And if you feel generous, perhaps volunteer (here’s our work) to test out your skills and help out a cause.  


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OneStep 2 Viewfinder i-Type Camera | Polaroid

Olympus – Tough TG-5 12.0-Megapixel Water-Resistant Digital Camera  | Best Buy

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 20.0-Megapixel Digital Camera | Best Buy

Website Updated!

Added several new photos tonight! From the Free to Breathe Event to our Product Photography, we’ve been busy adding new pages and new images for everyone!

We will be adding more images, possibly pages, throughout the night, but we hope you enjoy the new content!

Photoshoots Incoming!

We’ve been a bit on the quiet side lately, but we promise it’s for a good reason!
We have been shooting with various models and taking on our own mini challenges to see what we can accomplish in our photography!

Several sets to expect on our website in the near future:
Long Exposure Tests
Teen Model
Modeling Agency
Beach and Sunset
Family Photos
Fun and General Modeling

More sets are planned for the future and we’ll keep on aiming to do more over the course of the year!

Another Wonderful Time!

Hey all!

We haven’t posted much as we’ve been so swamped lately, but we had a wonderful time this past weekend at the Walk to Cure Arthritis event in Renton, Washington!
It was a really fun and enjoyable event with a lot of amazing people, and amazing volunteers.
We were out there as the Event Photographer capturing mostly candid images of the entire event from Start (line) to Finish!

We just got the website updated with the latest event found here:

Check out all of the pictures and feel free to explore our site, we have a lot to offer!