Website Updated!

Added several new photos tonight! From the Free to Breathe Event to our Product Photography, we’ve been busy adding new pages and new images for everyone!

We will be adding more images, possibly pages, throughout the night, but we hope you enjoy the new content!

Photoshoots Incoming!

We’ve been a bit on the quiet side lately, but we promise it’s for a good reason!
We have been shooting with various models and taking on our own mini challenges to see what we can accomplish in our photography!

Several sets to expect on our website in the near future:
Long Exposure Tests
Teen Model
Modeling Agency
Beach and Sunset
Family Photos
Fun and General Modeling

More sets are planned for the future and we’ll keep on aiming to do more over the course of the year!

Photoshoots Coming Left and Right!

Hey everyone!

This month has been our busiest month to date! We’ve been working on photoshotos on a weekly basis, with one or more shoot that we work on at a time.

We’ve got some more Cosplay photoshoots up at our Facebook Page with more Model shoots planned too! Stay tuned as we continue to update all of our social media pages with more of our work!

Project Reveal: Women. The Franchise

Aaron Matthew Photography Studios is happy to announce our very first project with; Women. The Franchise.

“Women. The Franchise creates a monthly online lookbook with Fashion Designers, Fashion Houses, shops, and boutiques. We work with Seattle models looking to get exposure and expand their portfolio.”

Check out our first collaboration video ft. pictures that we will be posting here, on our social media websites:



Photoshoots incoming!

Things have been going really well and we’re very excited to start getting numerous photoshoot sets uploaded on our Social Media sites, as well as a few select photo sets here on our website, too!

We have a special collaboration with a new Social/Dating website that we will be announcing after this weekend as well. It’s a mutual partnership that will help both our photography services, as well as theirs, with advertisement and web traffic.

We hope that all of our partnerships with companies, groups, organizations, etc. will continue to grow and expand and help us continue to do what we love the most :)

We hope everyone has a great weekend!